Products forming the Butynol system covered by this BPIS are: DUNLOP Butynol® is used as a a flashing strip and DPM in the building industry- Dunlop Butynol is also used for patch repairs of exisiting Butynol Membranes. DUNLOP Butynol Adhesive- Solvent based Contact adhesive for bonding Butynol to a variety of substrates. DUNLOP Butynol Solvent- Solvent used for the clean-up of WA98 adhesive

DUNLOP Tile Adhesives BPIS

Tile adhesives covered by this BPIS are: DUNLOP Super tileset, DUNLOP Multipurpose Mastic, DUNLOP Wall & Floor tile adhesive, DUNLOP Trade resaflex, DUNLOP universal tile adhesive, DUNLOP Floor tile adhesive, DUNLOP Floor fix, DUNLOP Premixed resaflex, DUNLOP Wall tile adhesive, and DUNLOP Tile and Grout.

DUNLOP Silicones and Butynol Sealant

DUNLOP Butynol Sealant – A multipurpose construction sealant and adhesive. DUNLOP Silicone – an acetic cure silicone sealant.


DUNLOP Renders are typically applied to exterior walls to provide a smooth, protective, and aesthetically pleasing finish.


DUNLOP Moisture Control systems are intended to prevent the ingress of negative hydrostatic pressure into habitable surfaces.

DUNLOP Undertile Liquid System BPIS

Products forming the Undertile liquid waterproofing system covered by this BPIR are DUNLOP Wet Area waterproofing and DUNLOP Wet Area waterproofing tape.

DUNLOP Floor Preparation Products BPIS

DUNLOP Floor Preparaton products are designed to pre-level and patch new or existng floors to meet the requirements of AS 1884:2023 Floor Covering Resilient Sheet and Tiles. Products covered by this BPI Sheet are DUNLOP Ardit Floor Leveller, DUNLOP Floor Leveller, DUNLOP Timber Floor Leveller, DUNLOP Rapidset Repair Mortar, and DUNLOP Feather Finish.


DUNLOP primers are used for improved adhesion between porous surfaces such as wall board and timber, or as an additive to grout to enhance colour, improve flexibility, increase adhesion, resist abrasions and stains.  Products covered by this BPIS is DUNLOP Primer & Additive.

DUNLOP Grout Systems BPIS

DUNLOP Grout is a flexible, smooth finish grout available in a wide variety of colours. Suitable for ceramic wall and floor tiles. DUNLOP Ready-to-use Grout is a premixed and easy to use coloured grout.  Products covered by this BPIS are DUNLOP Grout, DUNLOP Ready Grout, and DUNLOP Grout Sealer.

DUNLOP Flooring Adhesives BPIS

DUNLOP Flooring Adhesives designed to bond down resilient floor coverings in accordance with AS 1884:2021.  Products covered by this BPIS are DUNLOP Carpet and Cork adhesive, DUNLOP Carpet tile adhesive, DUNLOP Vinyl adhesive, DUNLOP Artificial Grass adhesive.